Product Warranty

At Fienza we pride ourselves on supplying products of a high standard. Our warranty periods are extremely competitive and practically designed to give the end user peace of mind. Our dedicated After Sales Service and Warranty team are here to help both retailer and end user customers.

Fienza has updated the residential and commercial warranty periods, terms and conditions for all products purchased on or after 1st February 2022. Please select the relevant Warranty document below for when the product was purchased.

Warranties Post-1st February 2022


Warranties Pre-1st February 2022


Warranty Claim

How do I claim a product under warranty?

Warranty claims can be submitted for products where an issue has occurred after installation. If you have encountered a problem with a product before installation, please find more information here.

To make a warranty claim, please contact the store from which the product was purchased. Alternatively, if you cannot make contact with the store, please complete the warranty claim form below and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

Please note that you may be asked for both your invoice from the store, and the invoice from your licensed installer when making a warranty claim.

What will Fienza do to fix a problem?

This will depend on the problem with the product. Fienza will do one of the following:

  • Replace the faulty product.
  • Arrange a licensed service agent to repair or replace the product.
  • Arrange a refund with the store from which you purchased the product (only in the case of Major Failure and within the warranty period). Please note in order to receive a refund, the product (with Major Failure) needs to be returned to either Fienza or the store where the product was purchased.