Design your Above Counter Basin Vanity in 4 easy steps

Above Counter Basin Vanities

Fienza’s Universal Vanities range allows you to choose from an extensive range of cabinets, tops, basins and accents to create your vanity, your way.

Above counter basin styles make a bold statement in the design of your bathroom and can feature as a beautiful centre-piece for your vanity.

1. Choose Your Cabinet

With 20 different styles to choose from, there is a cabinet to suit your style. Our universal cabinets are designed to fit any Fienza vanity top, giving you customisation without the fuss.

Choose your Cabinet

2. Choose Your Stone or Timber Top

We have 7 beautifully crafted vanity tops that are designed to fit onto any Fienza universal cabinet. Choose from a range of colours, textures and materials.

Choose your Stone or Timber Top

3. Choose Your Above Counter Basin

With over 50 basins to choose from, you are destined to find a style to suit your vanity.

Choose your Above Counter Basin

4. Choose Your Vanity Accents

Complete the look with a range of accents to suit your style.

Choose your Vanity Accents
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