BIM/Revit Library

Fienza has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM content creation provider, IGS BIM Solutions, to develop an efficient and functional Revit content library for selected products in our range. This high quality library makes it easier for designers, architects and builders to specify and document Fienza products.

Fienza’s Revit content library has been designed in consultation with the Australian & New Zealand Revit Standard (ANZRS) and Australia’s leading design firms to ensure that their specific needs and preferences are met.

  • All files have been created natively within Revit
  • Includes Revit Families (.RFA) and Revit Project File (.RVT)
  • Families available in ‘Non-Hosted’ formats
  • High level of detail including linework, materials, product data integration, physical characteristics, family/type naming, classification and file size
  • Revit Families can be downloaded via the associated product pages on this website
  • CAD files are also available for products included in the library

You can browse products that are included in our Revit and CAD library below, as well as download the full Revit Project file containing our virtual showroom.

Revit Project File (.RVT) – Virtual Showroom


Products in our Library